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Aluminium Chromate Conversion Coating

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include aluminium yellow chromate conversion coating.
  • Aluminium Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating
  • Aluminium Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating
Aluminium Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating

Aluminium Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating

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Physical StateLiquid
Packaging Size25kg
Packaging TypeDrum
Grade StandardChemical Grade
   (Yellow Chromate Conversion coating for aluminium & its alloys)
             Specn. MIL-C-5541
Our above product is in highly concentrated liquid form and with small quantity in water, it produces yellow conversion coating on aluminium which has better corrosion resistance and paint bonding. It is used as a low cost substitute for anodizing and with additional desirable properties. The process is very simple and easy to operate. Yellow coating is produced in the AL-SEALANT bath by short time immersion at room temperature or by spraying or brushing. The film thickness and colour can be varied by changing the bath concentration and treatment time. The thinnest films are clear. As the thickness increases, colour develops as a light yellow and finally medium brown. The corrosion resistance and colour of chromated aluminium varies with alloy composition. It depends further on film thickness. High silicon alloys have much less corrosion resistance whereas copper alloys have better corrosion resistance. Common practice is to use chromate treatment plus a primer and a top coat to obtain a finish of maximum protective value and durability. Low electrical resistance makes chromate films highly suitable for many electronic application. Ground connections can be made to treated aluminium chasis without removing the protective film. Other parts such as booster nozzles, wave guides, connectors & aluminium cabinets, missile and other aircraft and military components can be chromated with this AL-SEALANT treatment. This chromate coating is conductive in nature.
(A) Dipping Application : - 1-3% v/v at Room temperature for 2-5 mins.

(B) Spray Application:- 1% - 2% solution of AL-SEALANT may be sprayed by stainless steel spray gun, for 1-3 minutes at room temperature. The spray application should be done in an enclosed space to prevent spray mist deposition on human parts as it is toxic. Proper protective steps should be taken while adopting this process.

(C) Brush Application:- AL-SEALANT is to be used 2% to 5% in water for brush application either by long brush or synthetic sponge. Protective PVC gloves and aprons should be used for safety purpose. Contact time may vary from 2-10 minutes depending upon the composition of aluminium being treated. Afterwards clear water should be hosed or sprayed on the surface and allowed to dry in air, preferably hot air.

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